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Residential Treatment is offered at our Hagerstown location:
111 S Potomac Street Hagerstown, MD.

Outpatient Treatment is offered at our Funkstown location:
108 E Baltimore St, Funkstown, MD.

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Healing and Recovery in Hagerstown

TruHealing Hagerstown is proud to offer high-quality treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health conditions. Comfortable residential treatment is available at our Hagerstown location. Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are hosted at our nearby Funkstown center. Our mission is to provide the TruHealing standard of mental health and addiction care in Maryland. We offer hands-on support for families because your loved ones should be part of the recovery process too. We are here to help you heal. All it takes to begin is the willingness to reach out to us today.


Treatment Programs

TruHealing Hagerstown offers true client-centered care. This means we deliver a comprehensive treatment plan tailor-made for each person that enters our program. Our clinical director, certified therapists, counselors, and care coordinators all work together to develop a custom plan for every client. 

Treatment Therapies

At TruHealing Hagerstown we rely on holistic and evidence-based therapies to help every client build a foundation for lasting recovery. Each client has a unique set of needs. We offer a wide array of addiction treatment therapies to ensure that specific needs can be met for the best results.

Outpatient Program
in Funkstown

Our outpatient treatment program, offered exclusively at our Funkstown location, features PHP and IOP levels of care and provides support and guidance for the transition back to everyday life. Group and individual therapy, as well as relapse prevention planning, promote lasting, sustainable sobriety.

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Residential Program

PHP & IOP Programs

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Why TruHealing Hagerstown?

TruHealing Hagerstown is more than just an addiction treatment center. We are a partner for recovery. Our mission is to give you or your loved one all that’s needed to thrive in recovery. All we need from you is a little hope and the willingness to try. It’s time to recover and reclaim the life you deserve!

Let’s Recover Together.


We Accept Most Insurances

Did You Know That Your Health Insurance May Cover UP To 100% Of Your Treatment?

We accept additional insurances that may not be on this list. Please call for a free verification of insurance benefits.

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We Accept Most Insurances

Did You Know That Your Health Insurance May Cover UP To 100% Of Your Treatment?

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Evidence-Based Addiction Care

TruHealing Hagerstown develops its treatment plans using the latest clinical research. Evidence-based treatment for addiction means we use methods that are proven effective by clinical research. TruHealing Hagerstown delivers treatment you can trust.


Our broad range of evidence-based treatment methods include everything from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to wellness practices. We are a holistic treatment program, but every method we use is also backed by science.

Aftercare Program

Aftercare planning is designed to provide you with the insight and tools to deal with life’s challenges in a healthy, positive way. Our aftercare program offers relapse prevention strategies, continuing therapy and support, and help from your therapy team that promotes long-term sobriety.


Recovery is a life-long process and a lifestyle. This is why support, particularly in the early days, is so vitally important. TruHealing Hagerstown’s aftercare program will help ensure your continued progress after you complete your treatment program with us.

TruHealing Hagerstown: Your Partner in Health

TruHealing Hagerstown is dedicated to helping people living with mental health disorders, including addiction. TruHealing Hagerstown believes that education is an essential part of the solution. Our mission is to help people recover from mental illnesses and substance use disorders and help foster long-term recovery.

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Our Locations

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